A notice to our subscribers and future customers

As of the 09/08/17 we have made some changes to the pricing structure of our science kits. Initially, we intended for our Explore Boxes to be slimline, large letter-sized kits to keep the cost of postage as low as possible. However, in order to achieve high quality, we’ve ended up stuffing the Explore Boxes with so much science that they cannot be sent as large letters and instead we have to send them as the more expensive small parcels. As it is looking increasingly unlikely that any of the boxes in the series will be slim enough to meet the Royal Mail’s requirements for large letters, we have increased the postage charge to £2. The actual cost of postage to us is £2.61, but we have decided to absorb part of these costs.

We have taken this opportunity to round off the price of the Explore Boxes from £7.99 to £8 to be more transparent (we think it’s a bit friendlier!). These changes will not affect existing subscribers who will continue to pay the same price that they signed up to.

We have also reduced the postage charge on the Investigate Box to be the same as the Explore Box at £2, and similarly rounded off its price from £21.99 to £22. This has resulted in a slight decrease in the overall cost of Investigate Box subscriptions of 56p. This price reduction will be shared with our Investigate Box subscribers whose recurring payments will be updated on our system by the end of the month.

Further changes have been made to the pricing of one-off boxes and three-month payments. Please visit our shop to see the new prices.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our subscribers for their support of Letterbox Lab.