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The Explore Box

For ages 6+

1 hour of science fun

2 or 3 surprising and exciting science experiments and explorations in every box

From £9.50 per box inc. postage

The Investigate Box

Investigate Box, science kit for children aged 8+

For ages 8+

3 hours of science fun

Everything in the Explore Box plus extra, bigger investigations and more collectable lab equipment

From £22.50 per box inc. postage.

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If you would rather not subscribe you can still purchase the boxes individually. However, they are designed to be used as a series so we strongly recommend you get them in order, especially the Investigate Boxes which gradually introduce equipment in earlier boxes to be used with later boxes.

Until 20th December, get 10% off your order when you buy three or more individual Explore or Investigate Boxes!*

*Does not include postage. Discount applies at checkout. If the discount does not appear, use code ‘exporex3’ for three or more Explore Boxes or ‘investigatex3’ for three or more Investigate Boxes.

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Additional Products

Our subscriptions are entirely free of commitment – you can cancel or postpone your subscription at any time. However, some people would still rather not sign up to a subscription so we have decided to offer our science kits as individual purchases without subscription. More boxes will become available for individual purchase as they are released.