Investigate Box Pre-pay Subscription


Would you like to get a box of exciting science fun every month without signing up to a subscription? Pre-pay here for as many boxes as you’d like without any further payments.

Price includes postage (UK). Additional charges apply to postage to Ireland. Your first box ships within three working days.


Twelve boxes of awe-inspiring science experiments that come through your letterbox and take your children on the adventure called science.

This is a subscription without any recurring charges. Buy as many Investigate Boxes as you want in one go. The first box will be in the post to you within two working days and the rest of the boxes are sent out every month.

This option makes an excellent gift. If you’d like us to send the first box to you (so you have a present to hand someone) and all later boxes to a different address let us know.


What’s in your first box?

The first box in the series, Marvellous Mixtures, contains:

  • Six incredible science experiments investigating light, colour and chemistry.
  • A fully illustrated 24-page instruction book featuring Meg and Pico the lab assistants.
  • Child-sized laboratory goggles, a measuring cylinder, scissors, a pencil and a petri dish to use throughout the series.
  • Your first collectible badge out of twelve.
  • A link to the online resources featuring videos of the experiments, a quiz, a recipe and an extension activity.

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“Extremely good value for money…we found it easy to put time aside to do an experiment every couple of days”

“I cannot recommend this subscription box enough. This isn’t only because of the actual product and the fun we have encountered, but also because of the people behind the product. The customer service we have experienced has been second to none,”

Lorraine (It’s a Family Adventure)

“The attention to detail is amazing and it has been put together in a very visually engaging way.”

“The first box contained a well designed instruction sheet and all of the equipment needed to do the experiments. And I mean everything!”

Alan (Here Come the Hoopers)

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