An educational subscription box that’s fun for kids and convenient for parents.

Different science and engineering projects in every box with links to KS2 curriculum.

Fun and educational activities every month. 

A well-designed series of high quality science kits that arrive through your letterbox every month. 

Choose from the bumper Investigate Box series and the mini Explore Box series.

Subscribe today for hands-on activities that will build knowledge, understanding and skills to last a lifetime. 

Waste of Space Investigate Box science kit for children

Choose the Investigate Box to get a bumper box of 6-9 big experiments and projects plus collectable lab equipment.

Chain Reactions Explore Box science kit for children

Choose the Explore Box to get a box of 3-4 experiments and projects.

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Why Letterbox Lab?


Awesome hands-on science experiments that surprise and delight every time.


You can pause your subscription and restart it at any time.


The kits fit through most letterboxes with everything you need for all the experiments.


Joyous experiences with science that will last a life time. 


Discover the real science behind incredible phenomena in a way that is accessible to all ages. 

Great value

From £11.25/month for three exciting science experiments!


As Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. It’s our mission to inspire and engage little scientists with the wonders of nature, to nurture their curiosity and motivate them to make new discoveries. 

Glowing test tube

The Most Fun Educational Subscription Box

We want your child to have fun playing with science so we only include the most fun experiments.

Comes with a full colour, comic-book style instruction book with spaces for them to make predictions and fill in their results.

Each kit has experiments and projects from different areas of science and engineering.

MagnetoSlime Investigate Box slime magnet science kit for children

The Most Convenient Educational Subscription Box

No trips to the shops to buy extra stuff!

Everything you need to do each month’s experiments is in the box or is one of your pieces of collectible lab equipment from an earlier box or is water.

No trips to the post office to collect the boxes!

The boxes are designed to fit through a letterbox, hence the name.

Cancel or pause your subscription at any time through your member’s section, e-mail or call us.

The Investigate Box series of science kits for children aged 8 and up
a girl making a liquid rainbow with letterbox lab science equipment

“She was completely engrossed in the experiments throughout and can not wait for the next box to arrive! … “

“The box is great value for money…the quality and presentation excellent.”  

Patricia (Busy Mum of Girls)

Letterbox Lab supplies series of science kits that gradually build skill and knowledge over time.

Where will your adventure take you?

Make a self-inflating balloon

Perform glow in the dark chemistry

glowing liquid icon

Make slippery slimes

slime icon

Launch rockets

rocket icon

Create colourful concoctions

Build a robotic hand

robotic hand icon

What’s in the boxes?

Contents of science subscription box

Read what the parents say…

“These are great! Was really impressed with the way everything is set out, each experiment in separate labelled bags, making it very easy to find what you need. Knowing you don’t have a dash to the supermarket to buy extra ingredients is fantastic too. It’s also aligned to the curriculum and key stages so perfect for home education.”

Sarah, via Facebook

“We love Letterbox Lab, we have tried a few of the others that are out there but letterbox lab is definitely the best! We subscribe to this for my 5 year old but find that her older siblings join in too. Love it! “

Leanne, via Facebook

“Letterbox Lab is truly exceptional – my son absolutely loves it. We homeschool, and this is the best educational subscription box I’ve found. The experiments are so much fun, and there’s a definite progression through each month’s theme as you follow the experiments. This is a box that takes science education seriously and doesn’t condescend to, or underestimate children’s ability to understand scientific principles. My son has learned so much from Letterbox Lab – I couldn’t be happier!”

Jo, via Facebook

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