The Explore Box

The results of the three experiments in Explore Box 1 - Hidden Rainbows - from Letterbox Lab

Exciting science experiments through your letterbox

3 to 5 fun science experiments, activities and explorations in every box. 

A series of 12 different science kits that build upon each other with collectible lab equipment. 

The boxes contains everything you need to do the experiments – no shopping list of extra stuff to buy. 

Fits through most letterboxes – no trips to the post office.

Video instructions and illustrated instruction booklet. 

Suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Ready to play with science? Choose one.

Buy one

£11.00 inc. UK postage

Subscribe* (pay per box)

£10.00 per box inc. UK postage

Subscribe* (pay per 3 boxes)

£9.50 per box inc. UK postage

* Both subscription options allow you to cancel or postpone payments at any point and choose to receive a new exciting science kit every month or every two months

3 girls wearing letterbox lab's rainbow glasses from their first science kit
Children love playing with science with letterbox lab science subscription box
a girl holding up the instruction book for letterbox lab's explore box

What is a science subscription box?

The Explore Box is a series of 12 different science kits that comes through the post. You can purchase the first one on its own or sign up to a completely no-commitment subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any point or – even better – you can postpone payments and receive the next box whenever you choose.  

Sounds great, if I order now when will I get it?

Order today and your exciting new science kit will be in the post within two working days.

How many different boxes are there?

The Explore Box is a series of 12 awesome science kits. Each comes with a beautiful, full-colour instruction booklet and a private members’ area with helpful video instructions, extra information on the experiments and ideas for extra experiments.

Do I have to commit to paying money every month?

Nope. As a default you get a new box full of different experiments every month but you can also cancel or postpone the subscription at any point easily through the members’ section of the website.

If you’re still reluctant to sign up to a subscription you can purchase a box individually. Note that if you choose this option you do lose out on the subscribers’ discount. Also the boxes are a series so we advise you to purchase them in order. We will make more boxes available as one-off purchases after they have reached subscribers for the first time.  

I've already had the first one can I start a subscription on Box 2?

Of course. At the checkout there’s a box you can write in, use that to let us know you want to start at Box 2.

Can I get someone a subscription as a gift?

Yes, the easiest option is to put the recipients address in as the delivery address. Some people like to get the first box themselves so they can hand it to the recipient and then have subsequent boxes go straight to them, send us an e-mail and we’ll arrange this for you. We normally stick the address label directly onto the box, if you don’t want this spoiling the look of your gift let us know and we’ll wrap it in parcel paper for you.

So, this is educational then?

Letterbox Lab was started by two people who just love playing with fun, surprising and interesting science stuff and want to share that with people. So, the first thing we ask about any activity we’re planning to put in the box is “Is it fun?”. But each kit does support the primary school curricula of all four regions of the UK as well as going beyond the curricula – science knows no borders or restraints. 

One of the advantages to this being a series of science kits instead of one-offs is that we refer back to previous boxes so that your child’s knowledge and the content of the boxes grow together. 

Do I need to know a lot about science to help my kids play with this?

Not at all. Our whole thing is that we want to make playing with science as simple and as convenient as possible. Our instruction leaflets are fully illustrated and we have video instructions for each box to make doing the experiments hassle-free. 

If your child asks a question about the science that you can’t answer please send it to us – we’d love to answer it for you. We’re not just selling you a product, you are joining our club and we’re here to support you. If your child’s question is so clever that we don’t know and/or can’t find the answer you can give them a big pat on the back! 

Is it safe?

Yes they are. In developing the Explore box we’ve closely followed all relevant safety regulations and it bears a CE marking to demonstrate compliance. 

The only consumables in the Explore box are foodstuffs – although we should point out they are not being prepared in a food-grade environment, so they should be used for science not for eating! All equipment that we put in the boxes is carefully vetted to ensure that it cannot cause harm. All equipment that we put in the boxes is carefully vetted for safety. However, as with anything harm can come through misuse so we provide plenty of instructions on how to use our materials safely. 

Is it going to be messy?

Working with liquids always has the risk of spills so our clever boxes open up to work as a tray for performing the experiments in to contain any potential mess. We also provide disposable gloves to keep hands clean. The first page of each experiment has a “messiness rating” to give parents a heads-up.

What's the difference between the Explore and the Investigate Boxes?

Both Explore and Investigate are 12 month (no-commitment) subscriptions that put everything you need to play with science straight through your letterbox. There are a few things that distinguish the boxes:

  • The Explore box is for those who like to tinker or who don’t have a lot of time, containing 2-3 activities that will entertain your child for up to 1 hour.
  • The Investigate box is a bigger, more involved box containing between 6 and 9 activities that will engage your child for up to 3 hours. Generally you will find all of the activities from an Explore box in the corresponding Investigate box, but with additional activities that take your child’s discoveries further and require a more extensive collection of lab equipment (which, of course, is included).
  • The activities in an Explore box are usually loosely tied to a particular topic (although we don’t like to constrain learning with tight topics!), but the Investigate box takes children on a journey via a 24-page booklet featuring Meg and Pico, the Lab Assistants.
  • The Investigate box is an experimental set containing a range of chemical reagents, and as such is only available for children over 8 years. The activities in the Investigate box include scientific demonstrations, experiments and creative projects.
  • The activities we select for the Explore box are from the third category; these don’t require laboratory equipment or any chemical reagents other than common foodstuffs (e.g. salt, sugar, flour). So the Explore box is not an experimental set but a creative set based on scientific principles.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the UK and Ireland. The postage costs mentioned above refer to the UK, additional charges apply for Ireland.