Glow in the Dark Paint


Glow in the dark poster paint.


Not suitable for children under 3 years old.


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120ml Glow in the Dark Poster Paint.

Phosphorescent paint that is charged up by light and continues to glow when moved into the dark.

We’ve tested a lot of glow in the dark paints and were amazed at how good this one is for the low price.

It works on a wide variety of surfaces. Shine a light on it and it will glow in the dark. for some time.

It’s great for Halloween and space themed crafts or decorations that really stand out.

It’s also really useful for marking hand rails, obstacles and exits so they can be easily seen when the lights go out.

The  paint is transparent in the light and has a slight yellow/green colour to its glow.

Just a few seconds in the light and it will glow. It glows brighter when exposed to sunlight or UV light. For extra brightness use multiple coats.


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