Investigate Box Christmas Gift Subscription


Give someone the gift of science.

The first box will be sent to you within three working days. The rest of the boxes are sent directly to the lucky child every month starting from 22nd January.

You have a gift to wrap and give to your little scientist on Christmas day but also get to tell them that there are more awesome science kits to come. Choose as many months as you want with no renewal payments.

Free UK postage. Get all 12 for just £21.25 each


Give a gift that keeps on giving. The great thing about the gift subscription is that you have a present to wrap and hand to your little scientist for Christmas. The rest of the boxes are sent directly to them starting 22nd January 2021. If you don’t live in the same house as the little scientist we can  send the first box to your address and the rest of the subscription to the child’s address.

A series of science kits that each contain everything (kitchen sink excluded) to do the experiments, plus a full-colour comic style instruction booklet.

How the gift subscription works

  1. You place an order telling us how many months you would like to purchase. This is a one off payment, there are no recurring charges.
  2. We dispatch the first box in the series to you  within three days of your order.  Tick the box at the checkout if you want it sent to your billing address.
  3. You give the child their box of science for Christmas. They open their gift and have a great time playing with it.
  4. We send them (shipping address at checkout) another box in January , and another every month for the duration you chose.
  5. Receiving their Letterbox Lab science kit becomes the highlight of the child’s month.

If you’d like to first box sent to an address other than your billing address please ask in the order notes on the checkout. If you have any questions please get in touch

The Investigate Box Series

5 to 8 experiments in each box, at least 4 hours of science fun.

A series of 12 different science kits that build upon each other with collectable lab equipment.

The boxes contains everything you need to do the experiments – no shopping list of extra stuff to buy.

Fits through most letterboxes – no trips to the post office.

Video instructions and illustrated instruction booklet.

Suitable for children aged 8 and up.


magnifying glass lab goggles test tube


What’s in the first kit: Marvellous Mixtures

The first Investigate Box is called Marvellous Mixtures and is a wonderful introduction. Your little scientist will do six experiments ranging from mixing chemicals to make jelly worms to exploring how light is a mixture of colours.

Experiment 1, Incredible Inks: make art with chromatography by splitting different inks up into the different colours they are made of.

Experiment 2, Rainbow Glasses: make your own pair of rainbow glasses that turn every point of light into multiple rainbows showing how white light is a mixture of all the colours of the rainbow.

Experiment 3, Rainbow Spinners: mix colours together with the rainbow spinner and see colours appear to come from nowhere

Experiment 4, Liquid Rainbow: build a rainbow out of liquids of different densities.

Experiment 5, Brilliant Breathless Balloon: inflate a balloon by mixing two chemicals together that react to make a gas.

Experiment 6, Squirmy Worms: mix two liquids together which react to make jelly worms.

Collectable equipment: laboratory goggles, scissors. Petri dish, rainbow glasses, spinning top and measuring cylinder. Includes all the equipment and chemical reagents to perform all the experiments.

There are 11 more boxes in the series from Box 2: Science up your Sleeve to Box 12: Go Forth and Science.



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“Extremely good value for money…we found it easy to put time aside to do an experiment every couple of days”

“I cannot recommend this subscription box enough. This isn’t only because of the actual product and the fun we have encountered, but also because of the people behind the product. The customer service we have experienced has been second to none,”

Lorraine (It’s a Family Adventure)

“The attention to detail is amazing and it has been put together in a very visually engaging way.”

“The first box contained a well designed instruction sheet and all of the equipment needed to do the experiments. And I mean everything!”

Alan (Here Come the Hoopers)



Sounds great, if I order now when will I get it?

Order today and your exciting new science kit will be in the post within three working days. 

How many different boxes are there?

The Investigate Box is a series of 12 awesome science kits. Each comes with a beautiful, full-colour instruction booklet and a private members’ area with helpful video instructions, extra information on the experiments and ideas for extra experiments.

Can I start a subscription on a later box?

We recommend starting a subscription on Box 1 but if you’ve already had some boxes just tell us which one you’d like to start on. There’s a box on the checkout you can use for notes like this.

Can I start two subscriptions for two different people?

Sure, our checkout doesn’t allow you to enter two different shipping addresses, so just send us an email with the second address or put them through as two separate orders.

Is it safe?

Yes. In developing the Investigate box we’ve closely followed the regulations set out in EU 71-4 (Safety of Toys: Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities) so that even when we include reagents that you wouldn’t find on the shelves of your local supermarket, they are weighed out and packaged in such a way that they cannot harm your child. We supply safety goggles and gloves to handle these reagents too. All equipment that we put in the boxes is carefully vetted for safety. However, as with anything harm can come through misuse so we provide plenty of instructions on how to use our materials safely. 

Is it going to be messy?

Working with liquids always has the risk of spills so our clever boxes open up to work as a tray for performing the experiments in to contain any potential mess. We also provide disposable gloves to keep hands clean. The first page of each experiment has a “messiness rating” to give parents a heads-up.

What's the difference between the Explore and the Investigate Boxes?

Both Explore and Investigate are 12 month (no-commitment) subscriptions that put everything you need to play with science straight through your letterbox. There are a few things that distinguish the boxes:

  • The Explore box is for those who like to tinker or who don’t have a lot of time, containing 2-3 activities that will entertain your child for up to 1 hour.
  • The Investigate box is a bigger, more involved box containing between 6 and 9 activities that will engage your child for up to 3 hours. Generally you will find all of the activities from an Explore box in the corresponding Investigate box, but with additional activities that take your child’s discoveries further and require a more extensive collection of lab equipment (which, of course, is included).
  • The activities in an Explore box are usually loosely tied to a particular topic (although we don’t like to constrain learning with tight topics!), but the Investigate box takes children on a journey via a 24-page booklet featuring Meg and Pico, the Lab Assistants.
  • The Investigate box is an experimental set containing a range of chemical reagents, and as such is only available for children over 8 years. The activities in the Investigate box include scientific demonstrations, experiments and creative projects.
  • The activities we select for the Explore box are from the third category; these don’t require laboratory equipment or any chemical reagents other than common foodstuffs (e.g. salt, sugar, flour). So the Explore box is not an experimental set but a creative set based on scientific principles.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the UK and Ireland

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