The Explore Box 3 Monthly Subscription

£33.75 every 3 months

Start Your Adventure in Science

Get three or four experiments a month for just £11.25 (including UK postage).

Join our science club with a highly flexible subscription you can pause or cancel at any time. Pay every three months for a 5% discount on the whole series.

Suitable for children aged 6 and up. 

£33.75  every 3 months. Free UK postage.


Is there a curious child in your family? A wee scientist with big questions? The Explore Box brings everything you need to inspire them with wondrous science experiments and hands-on projects. We’ve done all the hard work prepping, filming and gathering materials, so you and your little scientist can open the box and have fun making discoveries together.

Each box contains:

  • everything you need (but still fits through most letterboxes),
  • enough materials for 1-2 children,
  • 3-4 exciting science experiments,
  • a “level up” sticker for your little scientist to wear,
  • a fully-illustrated 12-page instruction booklet,
  • link to online resources including video instructions.

“My science knowledge is pretty basic and my son is science mad so this was a great discovery for us both. We have lots of fun doing the experiments and he’s really excited every time he receives a new box. Thanks so much – genuinely one of the best things we’ve ever found!”

– Jane

What’s in your first box?

Your first box, Hidden Rainbows, includes:

Three wondrous experiments that bring the science of light and colour to life,
A fully-illustrated 12-page instruction booklet featuring Meg and Pico,
A pair of rainbow glasses and customisable rainbow spinner,
Your first collectible sticker of twelve,
A link to the online resources page featuring video instructions, a quiz, and an extension activity.

There are 12 boxes in total giving your little scientist a whole year of fun and inspiration!
Cancel or postpone your subscription easily at any time. If you would rather get 3 boxes now without starting a subscription click here. 


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“This box was aimed perfectly at Miss A’s age range. She was completely engrossed in the experiments throughout and can
not wait for the next box to arrive! … “

“The box is great value for money…the quality and presentation excellent…build up your own Science kit.”

Patricia (Four Little Girls… The Mummy Memoirs)

“Letterbox Lab is such a terrific bunch of activities to do every month! They are a wonderful creative (and often happily messy!) way to introduce young children to scientific principles.

Merith (Merith’s Miscellany) see all of Meredith’s reviews here

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