STEM Into Christmas


Make science-powered, interactive Christmas cards

A unique science kit inspired by the spirit of Christmas. Four awesome science experiments built into Christmas cards your child can give to friends and family.

As fun to make as they are to receive.

From £14.00 + £2.50 postage


Will you child be giving out the coolest cards this Christmas?

This is a unique science kit and Christmas-card making kit combined. Your child will make four different Christmas cards, each one is a science experiment that’s fun to make and even more fun to give out to friends.

Pop Santa out of the chimney, warm up his cheeks, make colour changing decorations and give the gift of rainbows. With these cards your child has fun putting them together and exploring the science that makes them work, and then gets to share the science fun when they give them out to friends and family.

There are four designs available, each with their own scientific twist.  The cards come in kit form for your child to assemble and sign.

Rainbow Christmas

window in card turns light into rainbows

All of our subscribers love our Rainbow Glasses! And we’re always hearing about how they want to share them with their families. So we’ve redesigned them to be a shareable gift on a Christmas card.

Save Santa

santa pops out of chimney when the plunger is pushed

This is a pop-up card with a twist! Your little scientist will build a hydraulic rescue system using syringes and tubing to solve Santa’s annual chimney problem.

Don’t Have a Blue Christmas

santa's blue cheeks turn red when lemon juice is dripped on them

The recipient of this card is tasked with giving Santa some rosy cheeks with a little chemistry. The cabbage juice-soaked paper will change colour when it reacts with an acid, such as lemon juice or vinegar. Your child will get some extra cabbage juice paper to play with, along with cream of tartar and sodium bicarbonate that they can use to make a chemical painting. It’s pHun!

Merry and Bright

Christmas card changes colour in light

The brighter it is, the merrier this card becomes. It’s covered with photochromic decorations that change colour under sunlight (‘photo’ means light and ‘chromic’ means colour). Your child can use our template or create their own decorations from a sheet of photochromic material.

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Classic – 4 cards, Bumper – 8 cards (2 of each), Deluxe – 12 cards, Coolest kid in school – 30 cards