Everything you need to play with science straight through your letterbox!


Innovative science kits for kids that provide full colour illustrated instructions and everything you need (kitchen sink excepted) to have awesome science fun. Try a one-off box, or subscribe to receive a different box every month and build your child’s skills, knowledge and collection of lab equipment.

There’s no commitment-your subscription can be cancelled or paused at any time. Get as many as you want, as often as you want.

Receive wonder, curiosity and awe through your letterbox.

Explore box. Science subscription box for kids aged 6+

The Explore Box

For ages 6+

1 hour of science fun

2 or 3 surprising and exciting science experiments and explorations in every box

From £7.59 per box + postage

The Investigate Science Subscription Box from Letterbox Lab

The Investigate Box

For ages 8+

3 hours of science fun

Everything in the Explore Box plus extra, bigger investigations and more collectable lab equipment

From £20.89 per box + postage

Absolutely everything you need. No Commitment - get boxes as often as you want to. Build up equipment and knowledge over 12 boxes. Fits straight through your letterbox. Full colour booklet. Cheat sheet and instruction videos for parents. Designed for children and completely safe. Collect real lab equipment with every box. Online content. Links to all 4 primary curricula.
Why Letterbox Lab? Collect real lab equipment. Hours of fun in every box. Cheat sheet and instruction videos. Links to all four primary curricula. No commitment. Fits striaght through your letterbox. Designed for children and completely safe to use. Full colour booklet. Absolutely everything you need.