Change of Ownership!!!

Hi Science Fans, 

So, we’ve got some big news. 

Letterbox Lab has changed ownership! After 5 hugely rewarding years of running this business we decided it was time for a change for both us and for Letterbox Lab. 

Letterbox Lab is now in the hands of Sublime Science. They are best known as Dragon’s Den winners and the UK’s most popular science party provider and now they also run an awesome series of science kits. We couldn’t be happier that they are taking over Letterbox Lab. They are the perfect organisation to look after the business we created. They share our passion for fun science education and they have the resources to bring Letterbox Lab to more and more children. We’ve been working with them over the last few weeks to ensure a smooth hand over and minimal interruption for our customers. 

It’s been quite an adventure. The most exciting time was after we had launched and were still designing and creating new kits each month. Since then we’ve appeared on BBC1 and we’ve also driven across Wales to get to the one shop that had aquarium tubing the right size. We met Theo Paphitis (twice) and we’ve even won a couple of awards. But, most of all we created something that has touched the lives of thousands of children and we’ll always be immensely proud of that. 

I want to thank the staff we’ve had over the years, all our suppliers, the friends we’ve made along the way but most of all the little scientists who have made catapults, orreries and a mess of their kitchen with fizzing reactions. Thanks so much for being a part of our science club. We will be staying a little bit involved in Letterbox Lab because we couldn’t completely step away from it but we are so excited for the future of Letterbox Lab and Sublime science, together. 

Thanks everyone, and as always, happy experimenting. 

Mia and Bryan Hatton

Ps. Meg and Pico have decided to stay with the business.

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