Introducing: How d’ya like STEM apples?

Hi science fans!

We’d like to introduce to you our brand new, all-singing, all-dancing email newsletter! How d’ya Like STEM Apples is a bimonthly compilation of our top tips for bringing STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) into your home. Our mission is to help you play with science, so it’s our pleasure to bring you ideas and inspiration for engaging your children with puzzles, concoctions and conundrums. We even include a recommendation just for you, the parent, that will expand the science side of your noggin and pique your curiosity, so it’s not just the kids who are having awesome science fun.

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How do you like STEM apples?

Welcome to our brand new, revamped newsletter!

What’s with the weird name?

Our mission is to help families play with science, so when we redesigned our newsletter we aimed to make it more helpful and relevant to people who want to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) into their home, whether or not they subscribe to our science kits. We also really, really like puns.

Putting the M into STEM


Did you know that we regularly post hands-on maths puzzles that you can try at home on our Instagram page? Getting hands-on with maths is a great way to develop essential skills that apply across the maths curriculum.

This month we challenged you to balance six nails on top of another one (held up with the thermoplastic from Box 12) and to make a Towers of Brahma puzzle out of your box.

You can see how to solve the puzzles (and build the Towers of Brahma in the first place) by heading over to our Instagram and watching the “Play” highlight (mobile only).

Check it out!

Letterbox Lab Recommends

In every newsletter we bring you recommendations from books to websites, to bring more STEM into your home. There’s always one for the kids and one just for you!

For the kids…

We picked up a copy of YouTube sensation Karina Garcia’s book DIY Slime for just £3 at TheWorks, and can’t get enough of the recipes inside!

Why they’ll love it
One word, my friend: slime. Need we say more? This book lists loads of different slimes that are easy to make using household ingredients (many of which we’re not allowed to include in our kits, so they’ll complement Box 3: Slimes and Swirls nicely).

For you…

If you’ve ever felt a bit overwhelmed by marketing messages claiming that everything GMO is terrible and everything organic is perfect, or wondered why people believe in ghosts and bigfoot, or even just curious as to if or how hypnosis really works, get ready to become a little bit addicted to Science Vs, a podcast from Gimlet media.

Why you’ll love it
For one thing, presenter Wendy Zukerman is an absolute delight – she’s hilarious, and treats her audience with respect by telling it like it is. For another, the show provides genuinely balanced opinions based on evidence, not feelings, and brings on some fantastic guests to help gather it.

This month’s fan favourite

Everybody loves the famous Orrery from Investigate Box 10: Waste of Space, and Explore Box 10: Your Place in Space! Making it is quite a challenge, but it’s a great exercise in delayed gratification because the finished effect is so delightful!
Watch Merith and Little C’s experience making the orrery here.

What do you want to see next?

We’d love to hear what would make our bright, shiny new newsletter really work for you. Reply to this email to let us know what you want to read about. Maths help for the little ones? YouTube recommendations? Or more hands-on science activity ideas? Whatever your heart desires, we want to hear it!

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