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The Investigate Box 3 Monthly Subscription

From: £67.50 every 6 months

The ultimate series of science kits.

The Investigate Box is the most fun, the most convenient and the most educational subscription box there is!

Pay for 3 boxes at a time and get £1.50 discount on each box for the whole series. Join our science club with a highly flexible subscription you can pause or cancel at any time. Each box brings you hours of exciting science activities, experiments and projects plus collectible lab equipment and a fully illustrated book.

Suitable for children aged 8 and up. This subscription renews after every three boxes but can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Your first box ships within three working days.

£67.50 every 3 or 6 months. Free UK shipping.



This is the ultimate series of science kits for eager experimenters, curious tinkers and kid boffins alike. Developed with you – yes you! – in mind, this series of fun-packed science kits brings you absolutely everything you need to take your little scientists on an incredible adventure of wonder, curiosity and awe.

  • 6 to 8 experiments every month.
  • Everything you need to do the experiments is supplied.
  • No two boxes are the same.
  • No experiments are repeated throughout the series.
  • Each box contains experiments from different areas of science and engineering.
  • Each box contains collectible lab equipment you use throughout the series.

magnifying glass lab goggles test tube

What’s in your first box?

The first box in the series, Marvellous Mixtures, contains:

  • Six incredible science experiments investigating light, colour and chemistry.
  • A fully illustrated 24-page instruction book featuring Meg and Pico the lab assistants.
  • Child-sized laboratory goggles, a measuring cylinder, scissors, a pencil and a petri dish to use throughout the series.
  • Your first collectible badge out of twelve.
  • A link to the online resources featuring videos of the experiments, a quiz, a recipe and an extension activity.

There are 12 boxes in total to give your little scientist a whole year of fun!


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“Extremely good value for money…we found it easy to put time aside to do an experiment every couple of days”

“I cannot recommend this subscription box enough. This isn’t only because of the actual product and the fun we have encountered, but also because of the people behind the product. The customer service we have experienced has been second to none,”

Lorraine (It’s a Family Adventure)

“The combination of science and play is very impressive. From writing on luminous paint to making things fizz in test tubes, children will learn almost without realizing!”

Merith (Merith’s Miscellany). Read all of Merith’s reviews here.


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