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Can’t get enough of Squirmy Worms? Need to Make it Snow one more time? We sent you everything you needed to play with science, and now you can get everything you need to play again.

Now you can try your favourite experiment from the Explore Box and Investigate Box series all over again. Build your own refill kit by adding as many substances as you need to the basket. £2 P&P applies.

Please note that this is a refill kit, not a complete science kit, and does not come with instructions or equipment. Subscribers who have lost their instruction booklets can access them via their online resources.

Choose from red cabbage juice indicator, sodium polyacrylate, sodium alginate & calcium chloride, mica powder and chromatography paper. See below for full description.


How does it work?

Each refill kit ordered costs £2 p&p plus whatever you choose to put inside – so you can order all the replacement chemicals at once to save on shipping, or just dabble with repeating experiments as and when you want to.

Subscribers that would like their refills to be included in their next box instead of posted separately can use the code REFILLMYBOX at checkout to get the P&P cost removed.

None of the refill kits contain harmful chemicals so no safety equipment is required to handle them. Safety gloves are included with the sodium alginate and calcium lactate in case of sensitive skin/squeamishness.

Need a refill on something not listed? Get in touch.


What are the refills for?

Chromatography paper (160x100mm)

We tested more than 15 different types of absorbent paper so that you don’t have to! This paper is super absorbent but retains its structure when wet, making it perfect for chromatography and pH indicator absorption. Get this refill to try the following activities again:

  • Incredible Inks (Investigate Box 1)
  • Incredible Inks (Explore Box 1)
  • Painting by Cabbage (Explore Box 4)
Red cabbage powder (1.5g)

Red cabbage juice powder is a pH indicator that changes colour when it reacts with an acid or an alkali. Get this refill to try the following activities again:

  • Painting by Cabbage (Explore Box 4)
  • Colourful Chemistry (Investigate Box 4)
  • Chemical Connections (Investigate Box 4)
  • Meddle with Metal (Investigate Box 4)
Sodium polyacrylate (8g)

Sodium polyacrylate is a superabsorbent polymer that can absorb many times its own weight in water and expands rapidly to make slushy gels and fake snow. Get this refill to try the following activities again:

  • Disappearing Water (Investigate Box 2)
  • Make it Snow (Explore Box 9)
Sodium alginate (1.5g) and calcium lactate (5g)

These chemicals go together because of the brilliant reaction between them that produces Squirmy Worms! Make solutions out of the two powders and mix them to create gummy worms. Get this refill to try the following activities again:

  • Squirmy Worms (Investigate Box 1)
  • Squirmy Worms (Explore Box 9)

These chemicals are supplied with a pair of safety gloves so that your little scientist can plunge their hand into the bowl and play with the worms.

Mica powder – red and blue – (0.5g each)

Shimmery, shiny mica powder is brilliant for making the invisible visible. Use them to see how liquid swirls by making a planet in a bottle. Get this refill to try the following activities again:

  • Cloud in a Bottle (Investigate Box 3)
  • Cloud in a Bottle  (Explore Box 3)

Additional information


Red cabbage powder (1.5g), Sodium polyacrylate (8g), Sodium alginate (1.5g) and calcium lactate (5g), Mica powder – red and blue – (0.5g each), Chromatography paper (160x100mm)


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