New Year Science Snippets!

 ​31 million seconds is a pretty good time for a 940 million kilometre journey, so sit back and feel good about another successful orbit of our nearest star. While 2016 hasn’t always been great for everyone, let us look backwards upon it remembering the good while looking forwards to 2017.

Looking backwards we shall celebrate the great achievements of humanity’s inquisitive nature. This year we discovered actual ripples in the space-time continuum. We used cybernetic implants to allow a man to move his fingers for the first time in 6 years (he played Guitar Hero). We found a way to turn harmful carbon dioxide emissions into rock. We found out that the closest star to us (after the Sun) has an earthlike and very habitable-looking planet. We successfully completed the first vertical rocket landing and found the fossils of a giant 30 foot long crocodile.

We look forwards with excitement and optimism for 2017. We will fly between the rings of Saturn and delve deeper into the workings of the mind. 2017 could be the year we unravel dark matter or engineer the first synthetic life. By the end of the year augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence could be part of our everyday lives. It is also the year that our little science boxes shall be going through letterboxes across the country. Which is maybe not on a par with synthetic life but is very exciting for us. ​
Letterbox Lab is a monthly science subscription box for kids aged 6+. We provide exciting science kits through your letterbox so families can have fun playing with science. 

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