Colour Changing Putty - Letterbox Lab Thermochromic slime.

Colour Changing Putty


Colour changing putty.
Changes colour when it warms up.
Bounce it, stretch it, mould it.
60g of putty in storage tin.



Colour changing putty

This slime changes colour when you heat it up. Watch it change colour as you play with it in your hands, if they are warm enough! Place it near a radiator and it will change really quick. Spread it out thin you can even draw on it by pressing warm objects against it. Make a hand print by rubbing your hands together then pressing them against the putty.

Available in 4 different colours.

For ages 3+

Conforms to EU safety standards. Watch out for cheap brands that aren’t CE marked.

60g of colour changing putty in storage tin.

This is thermochromic putty. Thermo means heat and chromic means colour, so it’s heat colour putty!

Our putties are unusual materials that are liquids that flow slowly but act like a solid when a a strong force is quickly applied to them. When dropped on a hard surface they will bounce like rubber but when left to sit they will melt into a puddle. If you pull on them hard they will snap in two but if you pull on them gently they will slowly stretch.

Top tip: in the unlikely event that slimes or puttys get into clothes, carpets, hair or fur they are not soluble in water but they are soluble in alcohol. Use white spirits, rubbing alcohol or alcohol-containing hand sanitiser to clean them up.

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Orange/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Purple/Blue, Purple/Pink


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