What’s so good about a science subscription box?

When we began crafting our Letterbox Lab science kits, we realised that these days you can get almost anything as a subscription. Snacks, recipes, dog treats, toys, books, geek swag… you name it, you can subscribe to it. The subscription option quickly became the obvious choice for Letterbox Lab, which is how we made the leap from crafting science kits to developing a 12-month science subscription box. Allow us to explain why, when you could grab a kit off the shelf in a supermarket, we think that subscribing to our series of innovative kits is a better choice.

Science is a hobby (not just a one-off list of facts)

We don’t make science kits so that children can learn a handful of interesting facts from them. We make them to inspire curiosity and awe and to engage children with the joy of discovery. One kit will never quite feel like enough, as every experiment leads to new questions to be answered. A science subscription box can touch upon each question later and guide children along winding paths to a myriad of discoveries.

Playing with science on a regular basis helps children to develop analytical skills. More importantly, it encourages children to question what they read and put hypotheses to the test. Whether or not your child wants to become a scientific researcher, they and the rest of the world will benefit from these critical thinking skills.

The more children dabble in science today, the more they engage their critical thinking and analytical skills, and the more they view the world around them with awe and wonder.

You’ll always have everything you need…

Letterbox Lab is a science kit that contains absolutely everything you need to play with science.

Unlike many off-the-shelf science kits, we include enough chemical reagents to perform every experiment at least once, mostly twice. Some kits don’t provide any reagents at all, only a shopping list for you to carry around your local supermarket, pharmacy and hardware shop whilst trying to console your disappointed child who wanted to get started right away. And the cost of all those extra ingredients soon adds up.

The most extra stuff we will ever ask you to use with our science subscription box is a bowl of water. We’ll even provide glue, sellotape, and (in box 1) a pair of scissors that you can dedicate to Letterbox Lab sessions to save the precious kitchen scissors going walkabout again. Our boxes are cost efficient because they are entirely self-contained, and the price of the box includes everything. 

…But you won’t pay for more than you need.

Theres always something new and surprising in a Letterbox Lab kit!

By sending you a series of kits we’re providing your child with the equipment you need as and when you need it. If you’ve had two boxes, we know that you have some test tubes, safety goggles, a petri dish and a measuring cylinder, so we don’t need to send them again. Instead, we’ll send you new, different equipment that you can use to build up your laboratory over time. Why waste money on equipment you already have when you can have something new and exciting?

Letterbox Lab grows with your child.

Letterbox Lab supplies series of science kits that gradually build skill and knowledge over time.

Our subscription science kits are like a series of books – everyone who joins us will get the same boxes in the same order, and over time the kits build upon ideas assuming prior knowledge from earlier experiments. The experiments and explanations start off simple, but over time we include more complex ideas and activities because we know what experiments you and your child have done before.

Every scientific demonstration is complex and can be explained in many different ways. Each one leads to further questions that unravel more mysteries of nature. Only Letterbox Lab can guide you along those paths to discovery, because they are designed to be a series.

It’s easy and convenient!
We squeezed science into a flat box to make life easier, more interesting and more fun for everyone!

We squeezed science into a flat box to make life easier, more interesting and more fun for everyone!

Pay for a box and a few days later it will come through your letterbox. No need to wait in, no need to pick it up at the depot. When you and your child are ready you can just open the box and get started right away because everything’s included.

We’re here to support you.

Meg investigating Pico with a magnifying glass.

We appreciate that each parent is good at something different, and not all parents know the answers to their children’s science questions – that’s why we blog about them! We don’t want a lack of prior experience to put parents off playing with science though, so we can hold your hand every step of the way if you want us to!

With Letterbox Lab, the story doesn’t end when we put the box in the post. From the “parents’ cheat sheet” we send you before it arrives, to the video playlist guiding you through every experiment, we want to make your experience with Letterbox Lab as easy and enjoyable as possible. Plus we’re just a tweet or e-mail away if your child has a question so clever that we haven’t answered it in the book!

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