STEM into Christmas with a kids’ scientific card-making kit!

Hi science fans!

Update – our Kickstarter campaign was fully funded you can purchase our unique science-powered interactive Christmas cards here. 

Original blog from 2018 –

Yesterday was enormously exciting because our first ever Kickstarter campaign went live!  That’s right, we are crowdfunding. We want to release a limited Christmas edition of our much-loved science kits. STEM into Christmas is a science kit dedicated to making Christmas cards that are powered by science!

You can back our project on our Kickstarter campaign page here.

Why Kickstarter?

Our science kits work in series, so whenever a new subscriber joins us, they get all of our awesome science kits in the same order as everyone else. We think this is the best way to encourage little scientists to play with science, as we can write stories that follow on from each other, and drip feed equipment that kids can collect to build their own laboratory at home.

So when we came up with the idea of doing a one-off seasonal box, we realised that for the first time we’d be making something that people could potentially miss out on. It’s a one-off kit that will only work in December, so we need to reach as many people as we can before we make it. Thankfully, projects like these are perfectly suited to Kickstarter.

So, what’s STEM into Christmas all about?

For the last year we’ve been thinking about how we could make Christmas cards more fun – to make and to receive – by sprinkling some science over them. We got through what felt like hundreds of different prototypes, trying everything from making rocket cards to investigating how we could incorporate fake snow into a card, until finally settling on our five favourites. You can see them all in action on our Kickstarter page.

If we’re fully funded, the STEM into Christmas Explore Box will be shipped from 29th November.

Want to get your hands on the first batch? Head over to our campaign and make a pledge! There are card-kit rewards available for any pledge from just £5, and our Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive these awesome festive science kits.

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