Update August 2020

We’ve been very quiet on all our social media channels recently. To everyone who follows us we’re sorry about that. So, what’s been going on in Letterbox Lab HQ over the past few months?

Despite how our social media pages and blog look we’ve not disappeared. We’ve been continuing to take orders and pack our science kits right through lock down. Actually, we’ve been busier than ever.

We are incredibly grateful to have had so many new subscribers over the last few months and are very proud to be helping out families across the country during such a difficult time. After the live Instagram videos we did at the start of lock down we took a bit of a break from social media and switched off all advertising so that we could focus all of our attention on meeting the needs of our subscribers.

We’ve been truly humbled by the level of interest we’ve seen in our science kits and the kind words and support from customers new and old during this horrible pandemic. Thanks so much to all of you. We know we’re the lucky ones. We’re lucky that our business is one that has been able to keep going during the lock down.

Keeping up with demand has certainly kept us busy. We’ve been shipping more kits than ever before and some of the components of our kits became very difficult to find. We never expected there to be global shortages in yeast or glow in the dark paint! We did have to restrict sales on our website of our one-off boxes to make sure we had enough stock to fulfil our commitments to our subscribers. By doing that we were able to make sure that we always had enough of everything so that our subscribers got the boxes they were meant to.

We’ve also had to expand our premises. Well, we moved out of our store and into the bigger one beside it. This has given us more room for stock and more room for packing. Even that very short distance move was a pretty big job. But the increased space allowed us to bring in some extra (socially distanced) staff to pack the boxes, without them we would not have been able to keep up.

Even with the extra help the process of acquiring components, packing and shipping them has taken almost all of our time. The last few months have just flown by in a blur. But the good news is we’ve also just hired a new full time employee. Zack is still in his first week. He’s going to be a great addition to the team even if he does like pineapple on a pizza.

With Zack on board we’ve got a lot more time now. It’s time for Letterbox Lab to start planning the next steps. We want to be a lot more than a science subscription box. We are a business that wants to engage young people with science and there’s a lot of ways to do that we haven’t even touched on yet. So watch this space and get in touch if you have any requests from what you’d like to see from us next.

Thanks and stay safe,


Managing Director – Letterbox Lab

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