Why should you do science activities with your children?

As we like to say at Letterbox Lab, science is weird, messy and fun to play with, but science is also one of those precious things in life that are both enjoyable and valuable. Our subscription boxes, containing everything you need to play with science, will be launching very soon, but why should you bother doing science activities with your children at all?

First of all – and stop us if we’ve mentioned this one already – tinkering with science is fun. It’s fun because it’s colourful, it’s full of surprises and it produces all sorts of materials that bubble, squelch and burst. Science experiments are multi-sensory adventures: the fizz of an acid-alkali reaction and the pop of pressure release are music to children’s ears and slippery polymers provide endless hours of messy play.

Fizzing test tubes gif. Science is weird, messy and fun to play with!

Science is weird, messy and fun to play with!

What’s more, the fun goes on even when the Great British Weather is laughing at us all. With a collection of science games and experiments, you never have to feel cooped up with only screentime for entertainment when it rains.

Plenty of things are fun, but how many of them also help your child to grow intellectually and to gain critical thinking and creative skills? Science is often thought of as a long list of confusing facts, but really it is a process that guides our thinking and enables us to translate the wonders of the Universe into readable and predictable patterns.

Playing around with science – mixing, twisting, sifting and building things to see what happens – encourages children to devise methods for answering their own questions. This in turn empowers them with independent thinking and encourages them to ask even more questions. With science on your side there is no need to fear the unknown, for you are equipped with the tools you need to approach it. If anything, the unknown becomes something to celebrate, for it is a place of new adventures and limitless opportunities to play. And who knows, perhaps your child will be so inspired by the great unknown that they will go on to win a Nobel Prize for tackling it.

With science on your side there is no need to fear the unknown - quote from Letterbox Lab in article "Why should you do science activities with your children?"

So how can you get started on doing science with your children? It’s a great time of year to start with something that needs no equipment or prior knowledge whatsoever: going outside and gazing in wonder at the stars, planets and Moon of the night sky. Sadly it’s also a great time of year for rain, so you might want to research some indoor activities like making mini volcanoes, investigating coloured lights or building circuits. Have a look at our Pinterest page for some inspiration.

Would you like to spend time with your children doing something that’s fun and educational for them and hassle-free for you?

Letterbox Lab is a monthly science kit that arrives through your letterbox containing everything you need to perform incredible experiments with your children.

Your children will love it. It’s colour changing, fizzing reactons, slimes, things that glow in the dark, making helicopters and catapults. All with beautifully illustrated comic-style instructions that they will actually enjoy reading.

You’ll love it because it’s so easy. It just arrives at your house with everything you need to do all the experiments. Unlike other science kits there’s no looking in the back of cupboard for cream of tartar or figuring out where you can buy propanol on a Sunday afternoon.  You just open the box and get started with ease.

Find out more about our unique series of science kits here 

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