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Hey science fans! Can you believe the summer holidays are upon us already? All of a sudden, six glorious weeks are stretching ahead of us, waiting to be filled with fun. As we may have mentioned, playing with science is a wonderfully constructive and entertaining way to spend time, come rain or shine, and our science subscription boxes makes it more convenient than ever before.

Explore Box science subscription box Letterbox Lab

Explore Box 1: Hidden Rainbows

This time last year, loads of families decided to fill the summer with science. As it turned out, monthly deliveries of incredible science experiments just weren’t enough for some people, who ordered the first three boxes of the series in one go.

Introducing the three-box bundle

This year we want to make it a little easier for those families who want to spend the summer playing with science. We’re offering a three-box bundle. Anyone who starts a three-monthly subscription or purchases a 3-month pre-pay subscription qualifies for the offer. To get your bundle of boxes for the summer, enter the code ‘3boxbundle’ to get the first three boxes shipped as one parcel. This will save you £3 on postage and means that throughout the summer you can always grab a box and start playing with science.

Get a three-monthly (renewing) Explore or Investigate Box subscription, or a 3-month pre-pay (non-renewing) Explore or Investigate Box subscription to qualify for the bundle.

Renewing subscriptions that start with a bundle are still eligible for our promotional offer for 20% off the first box in either series. That means you can get the first three Explore Boxes for just £23.60 or the first three Investigate Boxes for just £60!

The small print

One important thing to mention: the three-box bundle will not fit through a letterbox. Yes, we are called Letterbox Lab because we are committed to fitting our Lab series through Letterboxes, but this isn’t just a gimmick – it’s all about convenience. The three-box bundle is an alternative that may be less convenient for people who aren’t usually at home for deliveries but will be more convenient for people who want to have a good stock of activities for their kids throughout the summer.

Three-monthly subscriptions will renew after three months as usual, after which we will continue to send boxes once per month. Check out the full T&C here.

What do you get in the bundle?

An Explore Box bundle will bring you 11 incredible science experiments, from Rainbow Glasses and Blooming Flowers to Slippery Slime and a shimmering Cloud in a Bottle. Your child will discover hidden colours, perform levitation tricks and create a become a slime specialist, receiving stickers, certificates and gifts along the way.

Explore Box 2: Science Sorcery, part of Letterbox Lab's science subscription box

Explore Box 2: Science Sorcery

The Investigate Box bundle brings you 20 incredible science experiments along with a pair of safety specs, test tubes, a measuring cylinder, a pair of buzz magnets, and much more! Your child will create squirmy slimy worms, create a rainbow and a cloud in a bottle, perform feats of science sorcery and experiment with magnetic slime.

The Investigate Box is a science subscription box from Letterbox Lab that puts incredible science experiments for kids age 8+ through your letterbox.

Investigate Box 1: Marvellous Mixtures

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